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Limits to Autocracy in Dubai? [The Economist]

The Economist ponders the political prospects of Dubai and the Maktoums.

Brand Dubai [Wolff Olins]

Wolff Olins on Brand Dubai.

MBA Lessons from the Class of 2002 [Business Week]

Business Week has some hopeful if circuitous tales from Haas, Harvard and Stanford MBAs who graduated during the last recession.

The Day Pop Died?

Michael Jackson passes. Reflections on Pop.

What is Free? Seth on Anderson V Gladwell.

Oh my. Malcom Gladwell goes at Chris Anderson. Chris Anderson comes back. Seth Godin spectates.

The Economist Correspondent’s Diary at Haas

What’s a week at Haas like? The Economist’s Correspondent’s Diary offers an inside look at how the students are dealing with a mean economy and even meaner press.

MBAs – @TheEconomist says We’re Alright.

‘Despite the negative press, many MBA students remain a force for good’ says The Economist. Woohoo!

Columbia Pre-MBA World Tour | Africa [@PublicOffering]

I wrote a postfor the Columbia Business School Public Offering Blog on our pre-MAB trip to Africa!