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Ideas People Channel | Audience curated advertising network from The Economist.

The Economist launches an ad network.

Alexis Maybank cofounder of Gilt invests in FashionStake crowdfunding platform.

Alexis Maybank (co-founder of Gilt Groupe) invests in FashionStake.com.

Columbia MBAs on Dubai [Andy Umans | Hasan Kazmi | Chazen Reports]

Hasan Kazmi and Andy Umans both Columbia 2010 MBAs review the 2010 Chazen trip to Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Henry R. Kravis pledges $100 million to Columbia Business School.

Significant pledge should help Columbia Business School address one of its primary weaknesses – cramped, old facilities.

Lex on Google, Mobile

FT’s Lex expect some of Google’s non-search initiatives (Mobile, Vidoe, Display) to start becoming real businesses for the giant soon.