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What Technology Wants [Kevin Kelly].

Recently read childhood hero (a la WIRED) Kevin Kelly’s hugely enjoyable What Technology Wants, a book that seeks to make sense of the ‘technium’ that wasn’t so much created by man as ordained by the physical laws of the universe.

Egypt’s Economy.

Improving the country’s economy should be the central concern.

Does an MBA make you a better entrepreneur?

Basically, no.

Qatar and Abu Dhabi attempt to build their way out of boringness. [The Economist]

The Economist reports on Dubai’s strategic challenges as it continues to deal with its debt overhang.

2010 Quantified + Visualized.

Kevin Kelly inspired.

The Master Switch *Book 9* | Tim Wu

Loved The Master Switch: The Rise and Fall of Information Empires by Tim Wu: a history of US “speech industries”—as Wu terms any information industry.

Ideas People Channel | Audience curated advertising network from The Economist.

The Economist launches an ad network.

Alexis Maybank cofounder of Gilt invests in FashionStake crowdfunding platform.

Alexis Maybank (co-founder of Gilt Groupe) invests in FashionStake.com.

Columbia MBAs on Dubai [Andy Umans | Hasan Kazmi | Chazen Reports]

Hasan Kazmi and Andy Umans both Columbia 2010 MBAs review the 2010 Chazen trip to Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Henry R. Kravis pledges $100 million to Columbia Business School.

Significant pledge should help Columbia Business School address one of its primary weaknesses – cramped, old facilities.