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Panning Panels | Calling Columbia Conferences [Fred Wilson | Mark Suster]

Kill Panels! Thoughts on improving Columbia Business School Conferences.

Marc Cenedella Founder of TheLadders.com | CBS CEO Talk.

A conversation with Marc Cenedella, the Founder and CEO of TheLadders.com, the #1 source for $100k+ jobs in the world. Marc started TheLadders.com in July of 2003 to solve a puzzling gap in the world of online recruitment and high-end employment. Marc holds an MBA with high distinction from Harvard Business School, where he was […]

Hippocratic MBAs? | The Economist

Harvard Business School students take an ethical oath. The Economist isn’t impressed but starts a readers’ debate to discuss. Meanwhile, an unrelated Economist article on cheating scientists finds that shock, horror scientists too may be ethically challenged. An all too human condition it seems.

Yes Grad School. No Grad School.

The Economist’s Free Exchange blog responds to Penelope Trunk’s Don’t try to dodge the recession with grad school post.

More Bob Salomon on MBAs [FT]

More insights from HBS’s Salomon on the state of the MBA. On MBA job prospects: the job market has been challenging (to say the least) for graduates of the class of 2009 as bad as it has been for the class of 2009, unfortunately things are shaping up to be worse (dare I say awful) […]